Graphic Design Portfolio


Digital Catalog

Hallmark Lighting. I had to create a new digital version of our print catalog to match the established style and stay within brand guidelines. The end user are the sales reps that Hallmark Lighting relies on to connect with clients. This catalog will be used as a tool for sales and presenting to clients. It […]


Product Photography

As the primary photographer and editor of Hallmark Lighting, I have the responsibility to make sure every one of the product looks perfect as possible. Extracting the fixtures from the background and placing them on clean white backgrounds eliminates distractions so that the client base can more easily imagine the product in their own projects.


Product Catalog

Hallmark Lighting I was given the task of re-imagining the product catalog. Its digital and print versions weren’t related to each other beyond showing the same product. I created them both to be part of the same branding system so they have a cohesive appearance.        


Book Cover

James Victore is a designer to admire, not because of the work he produces, but more so because of the courage he portrays through his work. He’s inspired me to abandon safe design for design with a message.



Enegren is a Microbrewery run by a pair of brothers out of a small industrial park in Moorpark California. Creating the branding of this brewery was an opportunity to show off that they are a home grown Southern Californian company.   Like what you see? send me a message.